Yippee’s DIY Kit: Leveraging Consumer Co-Creation for Impactful and Cost-Effective Promotions

The strategy by Yippee Noodle was to introduce a sustainable campaign that incorporated green marketing to reach as many customer segments as possible within their limited budget. For an interactive, hands-on experience, ibox developed a do-it-yourself pinewood pencil holder box kit by taking advantage of consumer-co-creation. Sustainability was reflected in the composition and design of the wood material and the recyclable product format. It was a kid-friendly DIY kit that could be used by adults as well, thus making it highly marketable. The campaign proved very successful when it debuted in Indian retail stores, with people stopping to put together the kits.

These photos were passed around on social media, which was equivalent to free publicity. The campaign helped increase its sustainable brand performance by 6 percent, and it did so in an affordable manner, providing both effectiveness and affordability. All in all, the consumer co-creation DIY kit provided a natural, economical approach to communicating sustainability and brand values among different customer sets.

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