Battling the Odds and Creating a New Superhero: Saffola Oodles Story

To reinforce consumer relations, Tata Coffee Grand undertook a nationalized promotion that rewarded coffee mugs as giveaways to consumers. They collaborated with iBox whereby they came up with an appealing Tata-branded mug that was of high quality. The use of existing distribution channels helped promote products among consumers through retail and e-commerce. It led to increased sales of the product, created visibility for the mug, and encouraged customers to buy.

It received strong participation, attracting many new customers. The strategic promotion was successful in grabbing the attention of customers and associating positivity with the brand, thus increasing the level of consumer commitment.

Saffola Oodles Action Toy

Saffola Oodles

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1868 Tata Tea Wooden Box

1868 by Tata Tea

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Tata Coffee Mug - Featured Image

Tata Coffee Grand

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Sunfeast Yippee

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